Zoom Clone Script- A Video Conferencing Tool Builder

A complete white-labeled, ready-made script to build cloud meetings, video conferencing, and online collaboration tool like Zoom in a matter of few steps.

Our Zoom clone script is even better, as we have studied and eliminated all security and privacy issues that the original video conferencing tool reportedly had.

It’s your fair chance to grab the massive demand of enterprise scale video conferencing tools and launch a more secure, and powerful Zoom alternative in the market. Using our script, you can get your video conferencing and collaboration tool up-and-running without writing a single line of code, as we have done that already for you.

It’s ready-made, and yet supports high-level customizations because you get a 100% access to the source-code and self-hosting capability.

What is Zoom Clone?

Our Zoom Clone is not a mere rip-off of the original video conferencing tool. It’s a more agile, secure, robust, and feature-packed solution to let you build and launch a Zoom-like tool without spending months on research, development, and testing. You just need to install this script on your preferred web-server to become the owner of a Zoom-like business in a few steps.

USP of Our Zoom Clone Script.

Source Code

You will get 100% source code access. We don’t encrypt the source code in any of our scripts. You have the freedom to customize your platform the way you want under the fair-use and software warranty policy.

No Recurring Fee

You become the sole owner of your platform once you make a one-time payment to purchase the source code. We don’t charge any recurring fee for letting you use our Zoom clone script.

Regular Updates

We release regular security and feature updates for all our scripts to keep them robust and up-to-date.

Permanent License

One-time purchase of the source-code gives you a permanent license of this script. Nobody can take away your business, and you need not depend on any third party to keep it going.

Monetization Channels

It supports integrated monetization channels like freemium and premium subscription models to generate revenue.

Self Hosted

Since you have source-code of script, you have the freedom to host your final platform on a web-server of your choice. We might suggest you some good hosting providers on your request, but we don’t limit your choices.

Live Streaming for X

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Features of the Zoom Clone Script

One-to-one Live Streaming

Users can conduct private one-to-one video conferencing with two-way communication channels.

Group Chat

Participants can communicate with each other using live group chat. They can send public as well as private messages in a group.

Revenue Model

The script supports subscription revenue model out of the box. You can ask the users to purchase a premium membership.

Many-to-many Live Streaming

Users can broadcast to multiple users using real-time video conferencing and integrated communication channels.

Screen Sharing

Participants of a session can share their desktop screen with each and collaborate in a distributed yet secure environment.

Our Clients

Group chat

  • Group chat option is right inside the video conferencing window.
  • Participants can choose to put a public chat for everyone in the room to see.
  • Participants can also send to a particular person in the chat as a private message.
  • Reply to a private message by a user to the respective user is also a private message.
  • Users can re-open the link created for a room anytime and they can see the saved chats.
  • The owner of a particular chat has the access to delete his or her chat anytime from a group.

Room Admin Rights

  • The person who creates the room is considered as the admin of the room
  • The admin is able to kick out participants from the video conferencing session

Registration / Login

  • Users can register and securely login using the same credentials.
  • Users can go to their settings page and upgrade to a paid membership.

Premium Membership plan and benefits

  • You can give added benefits to premium users to attract more paid customers.
  • The respective rooms will have the ability to add 10 extra members.
  • Total of 14 members can be in premium room ( 4 free + 10 extra ).
  • Ability to record sessions/ Screen recording .
  • Ability to share screen with users.

Auto reassignment of a slot

  • If a participant leaves or gets kicked out by admin from a session, his/her slot becomes free for another person to join.

Admin Panel

  • You will get an Admin panel to control the payments
  • You can set the price for the ‘premium’ subscription package
  • You can view all the registered members and details of the users
  • You can see the paid members among free and registered members
  • By default, your premium subscription plan will have a monthly validity
  • If users do not renew their membership, they are converted into Free members
  • This conversion revokes the premium benefits and users now have restricted access
  • Admin can upgrade any user as a paid member with click of a button from the back-end
  • Even if he/she does not renew the membership, admin can upgrade a user access manually
  • Admin can also down-grade a premium user into a FREE account in the same way from back-end

Product Demo

Check our product demo to try all the business functionalities integrated

Admin Demo

Username: admin@streamzoom.com

Password : 123456

User Demo

Username: user@streamzoom.com

Password : 123456

Our Pricing Plans – One Time Cost, Lifetime Upgrades



100% source code


Social Login

Live Streaming

Group Chat

Screen Sharing

Revenue Model

Dynamic Admin Panel

Responsive Frontend

Stripe payment gateway

6 Months Free Support

Premium (Coming Soon)


100% source code

Web script

Android App iOS App

Social Login

Live Streaming

Group Chat

Screen Sharing

Revenue Model

Responsive Frontend

Dynamic Admin Panel

Stripe payment gateway

6 Months Free Support

How much cost Involved?

Basic Server Setup Cost

Minimum Server Configuration to set up the Zoom clone website: 8GB RAM & 4CPU, which costs $40 per month.

Using this configuration a business owner can allow up to 28 groups per month. Each group will contain 6 users.

Hence, 28*6 = 168 Users per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Admin Panel


Username: admin@streamzoom.com

Password: 123456

User Panel


Username: user@streamzoom.com

Password: 123456

All our products come with lifetime support – if there is any defect, bugs – you can raise a ticket – our team will solve the issues in less than 6 hours. All the bugs and issues on the product will be fixed free of cost. Our support team works round the clock. 24×7 available on eMail and Phone.

$79 per upgrade without existing website data.

Yes, once you purchase the software – you’re eligible to re-brand it with your own logo, company/business name etc.

You will be owning 100% source code of your product and you have the complete rights to customize and modify the product. It will be hosted on your server.

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